1. Astrology and Stock Market

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We provide learning and prediction of market movement on daily, weekly and long term basis for intra-day trading/ swing trading.

Fee Rs. 25,000/- for learning; Rs. 25,000/- yearly fee for advice of the market; Rs. 15,000/- half-yearly fee for advice of the market; Rs. 8,000/- quarterly; Rs. 3,000/- monthly fee for advice of the market.

Introduction to Financial Astrology

Financial market Predictions

Understanding of market dynamics through astrology

Speed of the planets and their impact

Tithi, Var and Nakshatra impact on the market.

Sarvatobhadrachakra detailed prediction of the market

Impact of planetary Dashas on market

Impact of nakshatras on market

Sectors and planets

Nifty and Banknifty predictions

Prediction through numerology

Directional trend of market

Aspects of planets

Who can earn money through stock market

Financial market Decision making for self through Astro Numero concept

Understanding sectors suitable for a person

When to invest, when not to invest

How to ascertain stock movements

Astrological Remedies For your success in the financial market

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