Vastu Services:

  1. Residential Vastu
  2. Commercial Vastu
  3. Commercial Vastu

Requirement for the analysis:

  • Layout of the office/shop/home.
  • Your personal nature head of the family(100 words that describes you)
  • Your liking of colors
  • About your Relations and family
  • Health issues
  • Relationship issues


  • Bedroom location
  • Placement of bed
  • Study table
  • Television
  • Color of the room
  • Placement of the air conditioners.

 Dressing room

  • Placement of mirror
  • Placement of cosmetics
  • Placement of jewelry etc.


  • Placement of  Kitchen
  • Placement of gas stove
  • Placement of water source and sink RO etc.
  • Placement of electronic gadgets etc.
  • Color of the kitchen


  • Placement of toilet
  • Placement of WC
  • Placement of showers and taps
  • Placement of washbasin
  • Placement of mirror
  • Placement of geyser.

Drawing room

  • Location of the drawing room
  • Placement of the sofa and furniture
  • Placement of the television


  • Placement of dining table
  • Shape and material of dining table



 Open area

 Water tank

Servant rooms

 Guest rooms

Gate of the building

Report for Vaastu Includes:

  • Colors of kitchen
  • Colors for bedroom.
  • Colors of toilet
  • Colors of balcony
  • Colors of facade
  • Colors of Flowers in the house
  • Colors of clothes
  • Color of furniture
  • Colors lights
  • Colors of jewelry
  • Colors of food

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