8. Acupressure Treatment

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  1. Human body Anatomy and Physiology
    A. Short knowledge of human body anatomy
    B. Short knowledge of human body physiology

  2.  Reflexology
    A. Fundamental of Acupressure
    B. Human body correspondence in 2 legs
    C. Human body correspondence in two hands

  3.   Sujok acupressure
    A. Human body correspondence in one palm
    B. Human body correspondence in one finger
    C. Human body correspondence in one knuckle
  1.  Basic Ayurvedic Acupressure
    Ayurvedic Acupressure correspondence system (Tulathya)
  1.  Yin Yang
    A. Description of Yin yang theory
  1.  Principle of five element
    A. Fundamental of five element
    B. Creative circle off five element
    C. Subjugated circle of five element
  1.  Vaat, Pitta, Kaf
    A. Combination in Ayurveda with Five element
  1.  Diagnosis according to five element
    A. Diagnosed according to taste
    B. Diagnosed according to emotion
    C. Diagnosis according to activity
  1.  Colour therapy
    A. Knowledge of colour therapy
    B. Exam with colour therapy
  1.  Energy flow therapy
    A. How to run energy in our body
  1.  Organ clock theory
    Organ clock time table
  1.  Chromo therapy
    A. Power of sun Ray
    B. How to make medicated water with Sun Ray
  1.  Six ki ( very powerful treatment process)
    A. Fundamental of Six ki
    B. Mother San concept
    C. Subjugated concept & much more
  1.  One point two point
    One point two point treatment theory
  1. Tongue diagnosis
  1.   Face diagnosis
  1.  Six Ki Protocols

Fundamental of colour & number therapy

 *Basic knowledge of sujok Acupressure
*Basic knowledge of Panch tatva
*Creative circle
*Subjugated circle
*Anti subjugated circle
*Organs of five element
*Colours of five element
*Numbers of organs
*Numbers of elements
*Diagnosis of disease
*Apply of numbers

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